what if: spreadsheet math

As a direct result of my work with Sidewalk Math, a member of the team hired me to fully realize the design and implementation of a completely revolutionary spreadsheet-driven math curriculum called What If: Spreadsheet Math. Created by Art Bardige, a brilliant digital mathematics educator, entrusted me with the full branding, designing, and web platform of What If, as well as generating education content.

In it's simplest terms, What If utilizes the natural computing power of business spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel to create fully interactive, creatively driven math lessons that facilitate a dialogue between student and platform that books and videos simply cannot. 

With mathematical formulas and code built into the lessons, I was able to create visually stimulating math lessons that give the student constant feedback, and allow the opportunity for creative modification.

The website has just ended its beta and is available at www.whatifmath.org. 

A short video walkthrough of one of our elementary level spreadsheets is available below.