explore: powered by youtube

Explore is a software prototype I designed as an alternative form of music education. Explore utilizes YouTube, an already valuable education tool, and creates a focused environment through which a user can find, discover, and compile songs to learn.

The prototype envisions a application-based platform in which the already existing resource of YouTube is repurposed as a music education tool. The software would act much like an iTunes or Spotify, but would hold music specific metadata for YouTube videos, allowing a user to filter through covers and lessons based on such criteria as key, difficulty, and popularity.

In theory, the video would stream much like any other streaming platform, but would also accompany music notation and/or tablature. Notation would be displayed in real-time, matching up with the video and allowing the user to learn the song with ease.

I also experimented with a visual component form which I based the project's branding. The feature, aptly named Explore, allows the user to surf through a virtual web of related artists and songs, facilitating discovery and connections between songs for ease of learning.

A full walkthrough of the software in action is available down below or here on my own YouTube channel.